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Our products are finely crafted hardwood cutting boards. 

Clean your cutting board in hot soapy water but avoid soaking it in water. 

Stand it up in a dish rack to dry. Never put it in the dishwasher!

Care for your cutting board by rubbing it with mineral oil or any other food safe oil and stand it in a dishrack. Allow it to absorb the oil overnight in this position. This will both protect the wood and bring out it’s natural beauty. Repeat the process as needed to keep it well preserved.

Our Privacy Policy
Your contact and/or credit card information is completely confidential protected online and offline. We do not share any of your information with any other businesses, organizations or social media platforms. 
Returns & Refunds

All of our cutting boards and gifts are fine hand crafted items of high quality hardwood. We only ship products that meet our high standards for quality and natural beauty. Hardwoods are inherently different in grain and tone and may have a different finish or appearance from the items pictured on the website because each piece of wood has it’s own grain and individual appearance. Because of this returns or exchanges are considered on a case-by-case basis only. Buyer is responsible for return shipping if a return is approved.

If you receive a damaged item please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your purchase for a replacement item.

If you have questions about our products or availability 

contact us at:  OR 

call us at 937-620-4634

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